Could Marijuana Give Athletes an Unfair Advantage?

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones proposed easing the NFL’s stance against marijuana use. Is this idea good or bad?

Is it time for the NFL to end its ban on marijuana?

It seems that marijuana prohibition is landing more innocent victims in prison or at the very least, into the criminal justice system.

Demetrius Harris of the Chiefs was arrested on March 7 on suspicion of felony possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The real question is should players like Harris even have to worry about getting punished for using marijuana?

Some think that it’s a good idea to remove marijuana from the prohibited substances list in the NFL rules.

However, would legalizing marijuana and allowing its (even medicinal) use in sports give the athletes an unfair advantage over the non-users?

Marijuana has been used as an enhancer of the body and the mind for thousands of years across many cultures. Apart from athletes (and other peaceful citizens) needlessly going to prison, would or could this allow for cheating?

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Hash Borgir

Hash Borgir

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